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I enjoy knowing I own a part of history that can be a joy to the senses and help transport me to times gone by, to days when family members now gone were around.This is where my lack of a sensitive nose becomes relevant. Having read the reviews I do not get any bubblegum, vanilla or any sweetness at all.

If this had been plumy I might have gone for a full bottle. The word that springs to mind when I wear Lou Lou is 'plush'--commonly creamy, bright tuberose is given a dark twist in this perfume. After moving a few times the the bottle of course became lost. Surprised to see it is in production and inexpensive. A true example of the eighties, a time in which things aren't meant to be realistic but instead totally otherworldly.

It has enormous sillage which I would not want from a fragrance this daring.

Definitely very different from the rest in my collection.

I actually thought on first smell and based on the reviews that I must have got a spoilt bottle.

I drove to my local Boots store to smell the current formulation and to my surprise whilst there were discernible differences, it was definitely close.

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