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A man and a woman are both in a sleeping carriage on a train, but the man is feeling cold and decides to ask for a blanket. Mr George Carlin's legacy will be fondly remembered for many years.There are not many people who can entertain, amuse, and delight by asking a simple question.Keep Your Pancreas Healthy With These 10 Tasty Foods Although the pancreas is a relatively small organ, its function in the body is important & essential to maintain its health, we recommend eating these 10 foods. He knocks on the door to find out what's going on...This Joke Starts With a Woman Sitting In a Fine Restaurant A pretty young lady is sitting at a restaurant table waiting for her date to arrive.People will always try to find a quick fix or a cheap solution to a problem, and these photos show this in earnest. This Joke Starts With a Man Looking For Answers About Relations When a young man wants to know whether having relations on the Sabbath is in violation of religious law, he consults a priest followed by a rabbi...This Joke Starts With a Mom and Son Riding In a Cab A mom and son are riding in a cab in New York City when they encounter a series of prostitutes sheltering from the rain. Hilarious Joke: It's a Little Easy to Get Carried Away A man decides it would be a good idea to see how fast he could go on a bicycle without losing control of it. Hilarious: Let's Use Drawings to Explain Everything A furniture salesman heads to Paris on a buying trip. The only problem is that he doesn't speak French...

This Joke Starts With a Cowboy & Minister On a Flight A cowboy and a minister are on a flight to Texas.

She soon finds out that having a big lunch that day wasn't a good idea...

These Puppies All Want to Ask God a Little Question Those of us who believe all have questions for God, and apparently the same is true for puppies.

Here you will find mischievous, sassy, sexy and naughty jokes are not intended for children. Either write the joke as a comment or send it in with our submit form.

If you have not turned 18 yet and you’ve arrived at this page, you should not read further, we advice you to choose another joke catagory we have instead. Do you know of other fun and mischievous jokes I have yet to put in this list. I update all categories regularly and there will of course be many more adult jokes in the future.

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