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Sold for residential redevelopment and various private uses.Former airship sheds remain and are designated as listed buildings.In 1961 however it was decided that the close proximity of Martlesham's circuit to the fast Jets of the bases of nearby Woodbridge and Bentwaters was becoming a problem and Martlesham was declared surplus to requirements and the Royal Air Force moved out.After the War part of the airfield became Chemical Defence Establishment Nancekuke (CDE Nancekuke, a Chemical weapons manufacturing facility for VX gas and Sarin gas, (closed in the 1950s).Originally part of RAF Warton, but when the main Airfield site was sold to the English Electric Company in 1947, one of the outlying sites was designated as RAF Lytham, and was used as a Transit Camp and for Medical Training.This site closed in 1956, with the Medical Training Unit moving to another nearby site with the designated name of RAF Freckleton.Technical site transferred to the British Army and became Hullavington Barracks, later renamed Buckley Barracks in 2003.Airfield retained by the RAF for gliding operations and known as Hullavington Airfield, with flying ceasing in 2016.

With end of the Cold War, USAF presence gradually phased down.

In 1947 the main Airfield site was purchased and developed by the English Electric Company.

two outlying parts of the Warton site became RAF Lytham and RAF Freckleton.

Part of the site is retained by the Ministry of Defence and leased to the Met Office.

Since 2004, Castle Kennedy has been made available for use General Aviation and commercial use within the applicable regulations.

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