Dating practices of peru

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This hypothesis proposed “…that thousands of years ago the rich Andean fishery sustained the growth of early littoral populations, the rise of large sedentary communities, the formation of complex societies and established the foundations of coastal civilization “(Moseley, 2004).Moseley originally dated his hypothesis with work he had done at the site of Aspero, located along the Supe river, directly on the coast.Unfortunately, most discussions about Peruvian archaeology begin and end with the Inca.

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Found along the Chillon river, El Paraiso was home to the largest Pre-Ceramic period monument.

In 1960, fishing off the coast yielded 1680 kg per hectare, which is almost a thousand times the average of worldwide ocean productivity (Burger, 1992).

In 1975, archaeologist Michael Moseley developed the Maritime Hypothesis.

How could such large monuments be constructed by societies lacking in ceramic technology and reliance on agriculture?

The answer to this intriguing question may lie in the location of these early sites.

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