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This notoriety led to opportunities to appear on stage and in radio.During the Second World War the group did extensive touring for the USO and provided entertainment for American troops overseas.In Britain Columbia (1923-31 Parlophone (1928-31) used laminated pressings until the merger with HMV into EMI in 1931.Thereafter all EMI records were produced on stock shellac.Because of limited pressing facilities, even labels such as Decca appeared as laminated pressings.

In 1789 Olaudah wrote his widely-read autobiography.The members for most of the life of the group were Harry Douglas, Jimmy Lundy, Ed Ware, and Vernon Gardner.In 1948 they released two songs for RCA -- "I'm Sorry I Didn't Say I'm Sorry" and What Did He Say, written by Cy Coben.BACKGROUND: The Deep River Boys had their genesis on the campus of Hampton Institute in Virginia in the mid thirties.They found their first success in winning radio's "Amateur Hour" competition.

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