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Starting with the mysqldump utility that comes with My SQL, we will review several examples using mysqldump, including the backup of your database to a file, another server, and even a compressed gzip file and send it to your email.

This post will show you how to backup My SQL Database automatically if you are a linux user.

Having a complete backup strategy doesn’t just mean backing up your laptop or desktop.

As phones and other mobile devices increase in popularity, so does the amount of data that people store on their mobile devices.

You could even set up an e-mail account just to receive these backups…

If you have a dedicated VPS server running Ubuntu Linux.

Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. Released under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2. filename of the backup file will be of the form DB_prefix_DB = the name of your Word Press database, as defined in prefix = the table prefix for this Word Press blog, as defined in date = CCYYmmdd_B format: 20050711_039 the “B” is the internet “Swatch” time. When having the database backup emailed or sent to your browser for immediate download, the backup file will be from the server when the transfer is finished.In order to do so you should access the php My Admin tool available in your c Panel.Are you using someone else’s backup solution for your My SQL data? Are you sure you’re getting a reliable, recoverable backup that’ll work for your business and your application, and won’t impact your critical processes while it runs?

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