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Those services include Microsoft-hosted Exchange email, the One Drive for Business storage service and Skype for Business.

Their forecast was couched as an assumption that enterprises should build into their IT planning and budgeting.

But Gartner believes that Microsoft will change the rules before then for that edition, telling customers that they must subscribe to Office 365 - and thus have Office 365 Pro Plus - to use cloud services.

That would make Office 2019 even less attractive to enterprises, since - assuming connectivity to Office 365 services is needed - the suite would work with said services for less than five years (perhaps as few as two). Silver and Kleynhans gave several reasons, including wanting to discourage "mixing the use of long-term and semi-annual channel editions," referring to the perpetual-license versions of Office ("long-term" because it's supported for up to a decade, albeit just seven years for Office 2019) and Office 365 (which is upgraded twice a year in the release cadence Microsoft dubs "semi-annual channel").

Elsewhere in the report, the duo laid out a plainer explanation.

"This likely signals an overall reduced commitment to traditional (on-premises) products," the analysts said.

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