Dating old photos props Webcam loly

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To get you started, here are some early Cambridge photographers: CLUE 5: Background and Props The setting for a photograph may provide clues to location or time period.Early photographs, especially those taken before flash photography in 1884, were often snapped outside, to take advantage of natural light.

Simply search for the object you wish to identify (e.g. If you're completely stumped, try posting your photo to a photo-sharing site like Ancient Faces.

The technology of photography has changed continually over the last 150 years.

To figure out the age of your mystery photo, look at how it is printed and compare it to these photographic processes.

But to get you started, here are seven tips for dating a photograph, using 1900 as an example.

Internal details are the little things that we take for granted in most pictures -- the objects in the image.

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