Dating old gibson amps

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) Watts Output: 4 1/2 Shipping Totals: 1960: 123, 1961: 2094 Harmony Central Review GA-5T Combo Harmony Central Review GA5T Skylark Harmony Central Review Skylark T (GA-5T? Note the blond tolex and the disappearance of the 'TV' styling (see pic).) Schematic with 1x12AX7, 1x6BM8 and 1x5Y3 (Dave Khai) Push-pull 6AQ5; like a Fender 6G2 Princeton; Gibson tremolo oscillator circuit, uncommon output tubes (Miles O'Neal's web-site; May 30, 2003) Here is the text of the original Gibson product literature for this amp from the early 60s (courtesy The Tube Amp Book, 4th ed., Aspen Pittman, p. Some Gibson models sported a 'tweed' looking vinyl covering in 1960-61, but not the Skylark.(John King's web-site) Any chance you have a schematic for the GA-5T the two tone skylark amp with three tubes (one 6BM8) and built in tremolo? (Burton Joyner) I have a Gibson 'Skylark' that I like better than my 1958 Fender 'Champ.' (Dave Khai) Rate the GA-5T Skylark (two-tone)... During its tenure of 1954 until the late 60's the GA-5/GA-5T was probably Gibson's most popular model of amplifier.5W 1x10" Guitar Combo Speakers: 1x10" Inputs: 2 Channels: 1 Volume Controls: 1 Tone Controls on Each Channel: No Tremolo: No Reverb: No Tubes: 5 (1x6EU7 (pre amp), 1x6C4 (phase inverter), 2x6AQ5s (in a push pull power amp design), 1x6X4 (rectifier) (correspond to Epiphone EA-50 Pacemaker)) Diodes: 0 Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: No Watts Output: 10 Shipping Totals: 1962: 2431, 1963: 2306, 1964: 3540, 1965: 3669, 1966: 1528, 1967: 1009 (new style from 1964) Harmony Central Review GA-5 Skylark Harmony Central Review Skylark Harmony Central Review GA5 Schematic with 1x6EU7, 1x6C4, 2x6AQ5, and 1x6X4 The Gibson GA-5 began life as the Les Paul Jr. There were several very different Gibson amps that wore the 'Skylark' name over the years. Gibson introduced the 'Crestline' models, and the venerable Skylark got a complete re-design and significant circuit changes, including the addition of a tremolo circuit in the GA-5T.

at full volume with high-output pickups, especially the GA-5T.


Unless you have and want a museum piece, it will need new / increased power supply caps and resistors, fresh cathode bypass caps, and a new volume pot. Harmony Central Review Maestro Reverb/Echo Combo Rate the GA-1RVT... 16W 1x12" Guitar Combo with Reverb and Tremolo Speakers: 1x12" Inputs: Channels: Volume Controls: Tone Controls on Each Channel: Tremolo: Yes Reverb: Yes Tubes: 8 (Pre (4x6EU7, 1x12AU7), Pow (1x6V6 PAIR 5Y3)) Extension Speaker Jack: Monitor Jack: Watts Output: 16 Shipping Totals: Schematic with 4x 6EU7, 1x 12AU7A, 2x 6V6GT & 1x 5Y3GT (Gibson) I have one of these. The controls were mounted on a slanted panel at the upper rear and consist of: 2 inputs, volume control, fuse holder, on/off switch and a jeweled pilot light. I've currently got a boogie blue angel to satisfy my need for blue tone, but I'm gonna miss my kick'in lil GA-5. simply gets it done with more authentic tone and half the parts.[...] Note the differences between the rough, dark, black 'elephant hide' tolex and silver grill cloth on the GA-5T (see there), and the very dark brown, wood grain imprint tolex and rectangular patterned brown grill cloth on the GA-5 (see first pic).Whether these differences were specific by model (GA-5/GA-5T) or a mid model/year update is an unanswered question.) Harmony Central Review GA5T Skylark The GA-5T is a push-pull 6AQ5 amp with a 10" so-called Gibson Ultrasonic speaker. It uses 2 6EU7 tubes: 2 halfs for the preamp, 1 half for the tremelo oscillator, and 1 half for the phase splitter.It has a tremolo frequency control, no depth control, and a volume control that I believe serves as the power switch as well (I don't remember).

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