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Despite many mishaps (which include accidentally buying a Das Boot fruit machine, booking a racist band for the grand opening, getting a horse drunk during a western night and hiring a psychic who insulted the audience), the Phoenix did indeed become successful only for local rival Den Perry to drop a cigar into a waste bin.

The resulting fire burnt out the majority of the club, no thanks to Brian not putting batteries in the smoke alarms.

He also doesn't hesitate to sack Les and Alan when they are unable to act as backing band during Talent Trek (although they quickly get their jobs back when their replacements, local tribute band Right Said Frank, were caught breaking into cars during the show).

When Max and Paddy returned from France with two Chinese immigrants who had stowed away in their lorry; rather than report them, Brian immediately put them to work in the kitchen.

Potter's first appearance in That Peter Kay Thing (during the episode 'In The Club') expanded on his past.

Before the Phoenix, he managed three other clubs, two of which burned down while one flooded.

His trademarks include picking his nose, drinking spirits from a tall vase (which allows him to reach the spirit optic) and his brown cardigan.A recurring joke in the show is Jerry singing "easy listening", pensioner-friendly versions of recent chart hits.Although Jerry is arguably the closest the show has to a 'straight man', he is also prone to blunders such as frequently listening to the advice of Den Perry despite their rivalry as well as an incident where he got high on a mixture of herbal medication and alcohol, resulting in him going out of control during a "Free & Easy" and resulted in him urinating on the bar dressed as a woman before fainting.He is also prone to bribery and blackmail, as he did to ensure Keith Lard gave the club a glowing review by threatening to show a manipulated picture supposedly of Keith naked with an Alsatian (knowing Keith's penchant for bestiality would ensure the picture would be believed).In the post-credits scene of In The Club it was revealed during a trailer for the (fake) following episode that Potter could actually walk.

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