Dating needy people

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Now, because of your past, you become vulnerable and display extreme neediness in the relationship. And, you are flooded with all the ways she’s hurt you since the beginning of time.

It’s so weird, because you have not been this needy in a long time. No wonder you’re obsessed with every little mishap in the relationship and that happens between you two.

The irony is that most clingy people are perfectly fine in casual relationships, or when their partner is crazy about them, and not the other way around.You worry that he will leave you and cling even harder. Your clingy dependency annoys him and he distances. She gets no space, because you need an answer now, like a young child.Neediness can trigger a strange sense of entitlement — because when you are clingy, you also become self-righteous.Many people who are anxious as adults were also anxious as kids.Perhaps, you struggled and constantly lost the battle for attention.

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