Dating necklace clasp

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I think some pearls survived but the clasps…not so much.

I remember my grandmother had a necklace restring (super rare occasion for this to happen) and the new clasp was made of a silver dollar, diamonds, rubies and sapphires surrounding it.

They're quite a 'useful' length, so I think they'll get a fair bit of wear! When I get a chance I will double check the hook, though I don't recall seeing it there (the alternate was my strand). I don't know if she wrote about the vintage clasps though because I was looking for info on the more recent clasps and the M dangle they added a few years back. Mine looks a more splodgy casting than yours, which is lovely and crisp. Love your pearls, they do look delish...a nice size I should think?!

I have the same clasp on a necklace from relative and we were told it was an anniversary gift back in the mid 50's ( I had my doubts). My Aunt had several pearl necklaces, she was known for wearing only one particular strand, the rest just sat in a box somewhere and only on special occasions (weddings etc) did they come out, grandma had multiple strands but over the years I think between the two of them the strands got all mixed up. I wonder where the stamp is on the alternate version? They look to me a typical 1950's style of graduation within the Pearls.

Is it possible that anyone could help date a Miki clasp? I bought these pretties recently and am curious as to their age. The clasp does look authentic as far as the miki logo. Wish I knew more about vintage and antique jewelry.

One thing I've noted about this clasp, on some there is the "S" which I assume is the Sterling Silver hallmark, on others it is missing, so I wonder if that is also an indication of age differences in the clasp mold: 1 : 2 : 3 Excellent observation. I wonder where the stamp is on the alternate version? PS: I'll take a pic with the brass gauge later on and post it too. Yes, a study of Mikimoto clasps would definitely be helpful, I couldn't find anything when I looked.

I think my strand is more "splodgy" than you think LOL, my phone cam isn't the best (rather the photographer isn't the best).

They also represent an important event in Chanel's history. In 1954, Coco Chanel resumed business in her Parisian boutique at 31 Rue Cambon.

Many pieces in this time period remained un-stamped, as Chanel jewelry was still being designed as part of an entire couture outfit.

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