Dating my skillet

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He and I ate at that same pizza restaurant every weekend for months and I always ordered the soup.

There were so many things that made that soup delicious.

This skillet beef casserole recipe is definitely for onion lovers. We were at a local pizza restaurant that made the best onion soup around.

In this post I will try to be as open and unbiased as possible, cause I could really use some advice and I feel like I’m going mad.That was the exact reason I rebelled against my Parents. Be good or else you'll end up like me is too much to bare for a kid.She tried telling me how she felt but, I was blind and refused to listen. My Parents are allowing her freedom but, with a guiding hand. I talk to her daily and see her as much as possible.This beef recipe is going to become a regular part of our dinner rotations.I start with caramelized onions to which I add ground beef and simple seasoning.

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