Dating multiple guys at the same time

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If you aren't serious with someone, why would you wanna put restrictions on them?

Would you want them to do that to weren't serious?

When people are intimate with the person that they're dating, they should DEFINITELY be exclusive. The one she ends up wanting to date exclusively is going to be the one to tell her that he is not sure he wants to get serious with her----that HE is dating two or three other girls.

Let's see how great she thinks that way of dating is after that.

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A few months ago she expressed interest in dating me, and I kind of just ignored it because I know the last 7 guys she has dated of which one is a good friend of mine.

My grandma remembers being taught in a sort of finishing school that a lady ought never to let just one man fill up her dance card unless she was planning to marry him.

There's nothing wrong with dating multiple people at the same time, its just a preference. I only date one person at a time, but I understand why women and men date multiple people.

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So maybe I just have this really old school view of dating, but I work with this girl who is often dating 3 guys at the same time.

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