Dating middle age after divorce

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People who ask rude questions, tell inappropriate jokes, and send you really, really, inappropriate pictures.

To the point that when you find someone who isn't overtly crazy or lying, who also discovers that you aren't either, it's a truly heady - almost shocking - experience.

My friend says, Yea, Yea, they want to be an astronaut, but then you realize its all bullsh! Some People tend to make themselves bigger then they really are.. I basically look at the Internet options for dating as the difference between your local hardware store and Lowes.

Local hardware is olds school but very limited, whereas Lowes has so many choices you often find people wandering around not really knowing what they really want.

Plus, in small cities it feels like everyone knows each other and word of mouth spreads fast. What effect does the Internet and social media have on dating that wasn't present before? Perhaps because I live in a big city so lots of choice.

I know the last time I was single cell phones were still a pretty new thing, no such thing as Internet dating, and no one ever heard of Facebook. Is it harder now to date in the modern Internet age? But I found it fun to sit back in my chair at home and pick and choose who I would venture out of the house to meet up with.

People who are active on dating sites, but won't be back in the country for another 11 months.

People who want to meet you for an expensive dinner out without bothering to even ask your name.

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People who want to "date" exclusively, but only online.

It's so hard NOT to cyber "stalk" your ex, their new love, etc.....

It's not at all healthy for healing from broken relationships.

There is a lot of positives to be said with meeting someone initially in a social, non-dating environment.

You can observe how they interact naturally with others without the pretense of dating.

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