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I have been a fan of Jimmy Kimmel even before his days on I particularly identify with Silverman because I feel the same way about her critics as I do about my own.

Her jokes are incredibly funny, and that’s all that matters. Her most infamous “racist” joke illustrates my point.It could not be racist or sexist or offensive or any other adjective. Similarly, everything a comedian says comedian is either funny or unfunny or somewhere in between.Just like scientific theories are either true or false (or somewhere in between), jokes are either funny or unfunny (or somewhere in between).Last Christmas, “Damon Claus for a Cause” got over a million views and gave the team confidence.And for the last two years, Mc Camon has been tapping popular, and sweetly funny You Tube talent, like Craig Benzine’s Wheezy Waiter (Benzine was a waiter and he has asthma) and the Vlog Brothers–Hank and John Green–and bringing them to tour projects in India and Haiti.

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