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The key is to establish a level of quality that meets your stakeholders’ needs. Your first task in this phase is to assess the skills needed for the project so you can get the right people on board.Knowing from the start which variable is most important to each stakeholder will help you make the right changes along the way. This assessment flows directly from the Work Breakdown Structure you did during the planning phase, in which you developed your best estimate of the necessary tasks and activities.The more explicitly you state them at the outset, the less disagreement you will face later about whether you have met expectations.

Planning is really about defining fundamentals: what problem needs solving, who will be involved, and what will be done.But if a new, unfamiliar group is assigned to you, list the people on the team, list the skills required, and talk to each team member about her own skill set before you match people to tasks.This approach starts the process of team communication and cohesion.Quality = Time Cost Change any of these variables, and you change your outcome.Of course, such alterations often occur in the middle of a project.

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