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I made sure I was alone in the room before I opened it to see if it was what I had so masterfully avoided asking about since the second I woke up in his bed. He had discreetly placed my allowance in an unmarked envelope and snuck it into my purse while I wasn’t there.I shoved the envelope deep into my purse for safekeeping and bounced toward the front door where he was waiting to give me a kiss before we walked out together.For the next eight months, he paid my rent in addition to mini shopping sprees. We almost always sat at some VIP secluded table in the back. Our entire relationship was like a dream until one night at dinner he told me he was married. He said, “I like you,” while staring into my eyes and reaching for my hand.

After eight or nine months on the site, I never met up with anyone.

In fact, I found the conversations with potential daddies to be more straightforward and honest than almost any I’d had on traditional sites—or even second dates in real life.

It was refreshing to be completely open with potential partners. And lucky for me, I am always down to get down, so that was not a chore.

We knew that if we were both in the mood, sex was absolutely going to be part of the evening.

And, as luck would have it, we were both very much attracted to each other, so we headed back to his place for intensely passionate love-making followed by what I can only describe as him worshiping my body while we fell asleep.

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