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Attendance record also highlights the sector’s recovery and particularly that of the Fine Watchmaking segment.

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And two: that if you are a nerd you are ashamed of and even refuse to dance. Revenge tales (Velvet 4 Sale), razor-sharp criticism of male canons in art (Rosebud) and an ever expanding musical vocabulary under the umbrella of pop: all of this and more is encapsulated in the album entitled In a Poem Unlimited, an project that confirms Meg Remy, body and soul of U. The catacombs of the world are where the most coveted desires are hidden.

One: that just because you are well-groomed, wear glasses and fasten all the buttons on your shirt you are a nerd. Calling your project the same name as the 32nd President of the USA? Blending disco, funk and soul with flowing pop melodies and hints of sugary Balearic music? Doing this live in organic formation (with drums, guitars and keyboards) while... But in truth, the date and the location to which the keyb... With an eponymous debut released last year that was on Rou...

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge during this period: five alb...

The combinatorial analysis that explains Zeal & Ardor seems an impossible array of contradictions, starting with the nationality of their frontman, Manuel Gagneux: Swiss-American, Central European order and American casualness.

WHO's Universal Health Coverage data portal shows where countries need to improve access to services, and where they need to improve information.

The portal features the latest data on access to health services globally and in each of WHO’s 194 Member States, along with information about equity of access.

In Spiritualized’s music three states of matter exist in harmony: the foundations of his songs are as hard as silex and his arrangements pour out, flow and fill spaces like a liquid.Next year WHO will add data on the impact that paying for health services has on household finances.The Global Health Observatory theme pages provide data and analyses on global health priorities. This is the tropical and refreshing microcosm that will be re... in the hands of this German composer and producer they seem to be able to switch beauty on and off at will and they are therefore, objects and fragments of the ... Move those palm trees leaves out of the way and discover an exotic songbird, carry on along the path of electronic bends and you will get to a waterfall that gurgles with phrasing and autotune.

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