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He also attempted to make precision astronomical regulator clocks based on the torsion pendulum, but only four sold.The German Anton Harder apparently independently invented and patented the torsion clock in 1879-1880. de Gruyter of Amsterdam, who allowed the patent to expire in 1887.Torsion clocks are usually delicate, ornamental, spring-wound mantel clocks.

Thus no winding key or battery is needed, and it can run for years without human intervention.Compared to those I have seen on EBay this one is in excellent condition and cleaned up well. A 400 day anniversary clock is otherwise known as a torsion pendulum clock.The torsion clock is a mechanical clock which keeps time with a mechanism called a torsion pendulum.He was inspired by watching a hanging chandelier rotate after a servant had turned it to light the candles. Other firms entered the market, beginning the German mass production of these clocks.He formed the firm Jahresuhrenfabrik ('Year Clock Factory') and designed a clock that would run for a year, but its accuracy was bad. Although they were successful commercially, torsion clocks remained poor timekeepers. invented a temperature compensating suspension spring, which allowed fairly accurate clocks to be made.

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