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This is the central tenet of Israel Finkelstein’s book, . now known, enough to show beyond doubt that extensive written materials did exist in ancient Israel besides official archives, that is, that many besides elites could read and write.” One ostracon found in the 1980s in the eastern Negev Desert is of particular importance.Dever states that “a number of individual ostraca [pottery fragments which have been used as memos] are . It dates back to the seventh century BCE and is written in Hebrew, but it also contains a list of Egyptian hieratic signs for numbers.David Rohl, on the other hand, is clearly a maximalist—one who believes that archaeology can largely support the historical record of the Bible.In many Western nations the Bible has provided the foundation for society and civility.

“The real question,” Dever states, “is whether the faith of the writers of the Hebrew Bible can any longer be ours.

He goes on to say that we should separate theology, religion and morality, and realize that they are not one and the same.

The biblical writers are making statements based on faith, he says.

Upon graduating he spent 11 years in Israel directing various research institutions.

He became absorbed in the archaeology of the biblical world and rose to head the Albright School, a respected archaeological institution.

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