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Steve vai: ds-1 distortion, boss ce-5 chorus ensemble, sd-1 super overdrive, fv-100 volume, boss ds-2 turbo distortion. I have had an sd-1 and and also one with monte allums mods both great pedals the modded one sounds better than most overdrives out there 3 times its price.Boss sd1 (looking for somthing different) i have been using my boss sd1 for a while now and with my jcm 2000 dsl100 another satisfied ofa sd-1.Boss sd-1 super overdrive mods ebay beware beware modified sd1s on ebay claiming to have analog man mods but done by someone else from looking at the pictures.Learning how to troubleshoot electronic circuits is one of the handiest skills anyone can have if they are building or modifying amplifiers or effect pedals.This can happen when the potentiometer has rotated from its original mounting position, perhaps due to becoming loose from vibration, or perhaps from someone continuing to turn the level control higher when it has already been turned to its maximum.

Five boss oddities and rarities though one might think that the omnipresent ds-1 was boss’ first compact pedal the ds-1, od-1, sd-1, ph-1, ph-1r, ce-2.By holding the board at a particular angle we were able to momentarily get an output signal.We concluded that we had an intermittent situation.Viewing the underside of the printed circuit (PC) board showed it to be clean, with no evidence of prior repairs, which is always a welcome finding.We hooked up the pedal to an AC power supply, plugged in a Fender 1952 Telecaster Reissue, and connected the output to the Carvin SX200 amplifier we recently repaired in a prior edition of The Repair Bench.

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