Dating how to exit gracefully

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Mentioning the person’s name will make them feel recognized and help you remember their name in the future.

Caveat: Don’t try this approach unless you actually intend to reach out. When you’re talking to someone one-on-one, a great way to transition out of the conversation is to introduce the person to someone else, says Emily Merrell, founder of the networking group Six Degrees Society.

—you get stuck in a corner talking to a terribly nice, but not terribly useful person. It can feel awkward to exit a conversation, especially when it seems like the other person wants to keep going.I think you’ll have a lot in common — she also transitioned from a large corporation to a startup,’” Merrell says.You don’t want to treat a networking event like a speed dating event, so focus on having authentic, impactful conversations before gracefully exiting the conversation to meet someone new. Whether you've been discarded or you managed to escape from the narcissist, they will probably return.At best, they find your emotions confusing, and want to make you feel better because that makes them the "perfect" partner; at worst, they view them as outright confronting and annoying.

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