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Strategically, Vienna commands the surrounding regions, which include sections of Austria’s border with Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The city’s weather comes both from the north, the winds bringing cool summers and warm winters, and from the southeast, bringing heat in summer and cold in winter.

The result, despite some summer fog and heat and winter snow and ice, is a generally temperate and agreeable climate.

Its people enjoy an enlightened health and welfare system, which originated in the reforms of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Joseph II in the 18th century.

A city of green parks with ponds, cafés, and playing bands; opulent stores and elegant shopping streets; banks, bookshops, and crowded theatres; and boulevards for leisurely sauntering—Vienna is an invigorating distillation of human energy and imagination.

Before Beethoven left Bonn, he had acquired a very considerable reputation in northwest Germany as a piano virtuoso, with a particular talent for extemporization.

Since the 1970s the open spaces on the far side of the Danube have been exploited for apartment buildings and factories.

Ringstrasse, or Ring, a circular road lined with grand buildings, monuments, and parks.

Rainfall is fairly low, averaging 26 inches (66 cm) per year, the greater part of it coming in summer downpours.

Hermanns Mountain (Hermannskogel), Vienna’s highest point. The Vienna Woods slope to the river in four roughly semicircular terraces, with the Innere Stadt occupying the second lowest terrace.

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