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We've lived together and now we aren't because I decided I needed to move home to get my career on the right path.And you know what, his divorce is STILL not finalized, 3 years later.My partner knows this and is 100% cool with it, the 3 of us are all on the same page with everything.If partner was not cool with it, stbxh and I would go through with the divorce.The problem is that a dynamic or precedence has been set already, He is used to treating you a particular way (2nd best) old habits are hard to break.I agree with peggsu2, he needs to finish his divorce and work through the junk that comes with it. Most likely you would need to break off all contact in order to do this..let's be friends will just keep you on that roller coaster. But if he is recovering emotionally he may be ready to start again. It would be easy to say "wait until he OFFICIALLY gets divorced before you get involved", but, as we all know, relationships are never that clean, cut and dry.Lot's of things to work through that you don't want or need to be a part of. When I was going through my divorce my counselor said to wait to date a minimum for 6 months post divorce.

I will never repeat the mistake of assuming what I'm being told is the entire truth when I've just met someone. I dated someone who it wasn't completely finalized and I was the "meantime experience".I'm getting divorced and I'm in a relationship but there's no emotional turmoil at all, there's no negativity.Stbxh and I don't have any issues, we're in 100% agreement with wanting a divorce and in complete agreement with a settlement.Stbxh and I might never get legally divorced, we're still working on that, figuring out the best way to go.Our financial advisor, accountant and attorney all feel staying married "on paper" would be a wise thing for us to do financially to protect us from Uncle Sam's tax wallet especially since we get along well, we're friends and neither of us is out to screw the other.

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