Dating girl no physical attraction

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Plain and simple, a mental connection, shared hobbies, or a mere respect for intellect, will never convince you to sleep next to someone and share a bed with them for the next 50 mortal years.If you don’t like to look at the face you will have to wake up to for the rest of your life, chances are, you won’t ever have to because you won’t make choices that lead you to that outcome..”) Participants responded to a campus event flyer advertising a “Computer Dance” where individuals would be randomly paired up with a blind date of the opposite sex.She then interviews dozens of women who meet the man’s description of physical attractiveness.She then introduces the man to about a dozen hand-picked women who meet his physical type. A room stocked full of his preferred physical type!Upon receiving their tickets to the dance, participants filled out a questionnaire regarding basic demographic information and preferences in the opposite sex.

When the man cannot choose between the women, she asks the crude, but effective question, “Which one would you rather go to bed with? Women are much more capable of connecting mentally without physical attraction than men are. But it is important to remember that he had other traits (ahem, money) that outshone his looks.His lack of emphasis on physical attraction is why he has dated dozens and dozens of really great women that he just can’t seem to get excited about.They all possess wonderful personalities and charms, but he just can’t seem to fall in love with any of them.But my gracious they have dated/married/procreated with some of the most beautiful women on the planet! Sadly, we are not all millionaires, or rock stars, with the ability to distract the opposite sex from noticing a receding hairline, 40 extra pounds of flesh around our mid-sections, or the fact that Doctor Frankenstein accidentally attached our hands on backwards. But he’s equally a few pounds overweight, has lost a few more hairs than he wants to admit, so you haven’t noticed him while you’ve been plotting and strategizing how to get Peter over there. And in every ward, everywhere there is an Eager Edwin.When is the last time you looked at a couple and asked yourself what an average or sub-par looking woman was doing with such an attractive man? Most of us have no choice but to realistically approach the world and hope to be loved as is. Edwin doesn’t seem to be very aware of his physical appearance.

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