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The perverted mormon sourced movie "tabloid" caused her mother to commit suicide and devastated Joyce and her family!

It is case number lc095322 in los Angeles superior court!

You think that to be a good, true religion everybody has to be a saint? My son and destroyed my family my home they are not of God the docters in this town won't even treat me I am shunned and outcast there no Lawys to proteck people from them they are teaching in public schools turning children against there parents thes people laugh at destroying someone if you not part of them they will try to kill you .isolate a person for purshment I know I have been for28years please stay away from them they are straight from hell truthfinder - # - 2015-09-17 - (Reply) You ex Mormons are right --Mormons are lying demons from hell as the mormon pr machine destroyed a beautiful girl named Joyce Mc Kinney with a worldwide press hoax maligning her character for 38 years!

In 1977 they sent her fiance Kirk Anderson on a mission to break up their wedding plans and when Joyce --an ex-mormon--went over to england to help him escape the cult, they put Joyce --a gorgeous former miss Wyoming usa--intup.

Then to see them come on here and try to hide it away makes me sick! also people back in jesus' time were not as educated as we are now so jesus could of done a magic trick and the world would be like holy fuck its the son of god praise him.

It's about money for the people in charge, status for the one in the middle trying to climb up, and the poorest are kept under thumb. It has the highest internet porn usage, the highest prescription drug abuse, the 2nd highest pedophile rate, etc... Are you totally brainwashed Mormons so mentally stupid that you think that everyone is as gullible as you? James - #1.7 - 2015-12-28 - (Reply) unsensical is not a word. cathhater - #2 - 2009-02-22 - (Reply) Catholics are fucktards too.

I lived there as an outsider having no previous opinion. They are MUCH worse than Catholics with hiding child molestion. They use the N word in public and are VERY mysoginistic. We saw the light it's ok now go to mia maids or relief society or do a love bomb but get off here this is for us you have your thing so go just go! They say they are what they are but then fuck mass people, use birth control( that's supposed to be a sin), go to strip joints, and give birth to multiple kids before they graduate highschool. john - #3 - 2009-04-17 - (Reply) look all catholics are retarted remeber the ten commandments.

THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS whatsoever I am not the one to encourage christianism, I respect all religions including the paganists which were most probably right.

These fckers leave their children brainwashed and uneducated, Baaaaaad people.

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