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Other events across France aim to show the immense global influence of the Land of the Rising Sun.French President Emmanuel Macron said Japanese culture has influenced generations of French artists from Monet and the Impressionists to the present.Repondants en France et aux États Unis ont prouvé que leur attachement a la personne et leur intimité étaient plus élevés que celui des repondants japonais.En plus, les repondants américains ont reporté un degreé d'ambivalence relationelle plus élevée que celui des japonais.The purpose of this study was to examine cultural variability influence on intimacy expressions of love commitment, disclosure maintenance, ambivalence, and conflict in France, Japan, and the United States.The MANOVA analyses revealed significant main effects for culture type (France.Japan, and the United States) and for gender type (male versus female) on the intimacy expression patterns.No significant interaction effect was found for culture and gender. respondents reported a higher degree of relational ambivalence than their Japanese counterparts.

In terms of gender differences, females reported a significantly higher degree of love commitment, disclosure maintenance and interpersonal conflict expressions than their male counterparts.The findings and the implications of the study along culture and gender lines are discussed.Le but de cette étude était d'éxaminer l'influence des variations culturelles sur les expressions d'intimite, d'attachement, d'expressión de soi, d'ambivalence ce et conflits en France, au Japon et aux États Unis.Los encuestados en Francia y los Estados Unidos reportaron un grado significativamente mayor de compromiso amoroso y franqueza que los encuestados Japoneses.Asi mismo, los encuestados Franceses reportaron el grado más bajo de expresión de conflicto en comparación con el grupo Japonés y el grupo de los Estados Unidos.

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