Dating for ugly people

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But while the jury is probably still out on whether the world thinks I should walk around with a paper bag over my head, there is one thing that is definitely true: the more people who find you attractive, the better. It is well-documented that being deemed attractive can give a person quite the boost in life. And a look at other findings shows why: beautiful people make more money, are more likely to get hired, are deemed more trustworthy, and . A Facebook friend shared an interview with Lauren Urasek, “the most popular woman on OKCupid.” Familiar with how much of a drag it is to be inundated with low-quality messages, she shared that she’s in partnership with a service called The Grade.Her description of the app was hard to resist, saying it’s “meant to empower women in online dating” and “is the only app that will expel users if they’re being inappropriate . .”I was so excited that my brain only absorbed those sentences.It’s one thing to share publicly that I am a survivor of sexual violence because that isn’t my fault.But there is a level of humiliation and trepidation that I hold when participating in this series because we’re taught that being single our fault.Seeing the hard numbers showing that singles overwhelmingly found me unattractive was a big blow to my self-esteem.

But as terrifying as it is, I know this vulnerability is worth it.If only my experience with the app left me with the same enthusiasm as that video title exhibited.The Grade’s PR focuses on the app being some sort of safe haven for women — a Tinder with a filter. But grades aren’t just based on whether you send dick pics or are secretly married.This dovetails with one of the first things people like to say when I mention my difficulty with (not) dating — usually some variation of “But you’re so beautiful! ” I know this isn’t a phenomenon unique to me — the canned responses to women lamenting their single status always seem to reference some sort of (often unsolicited) affirmation about their beauty. Are attractive people not supposed to have trouble finding people interested in them? if I have trouble finding people interested in me does that mean I am not attractive?Well, here’s my chance to explore the issue and get some real, unbiased answers on the matter.

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