Dating for dumbies

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It has been created to combat the exact boredom I talk about…that experienced by women in three-year or longer monogamous relationships. But for women who’ve been with their partners between one and four years, a dive begins — and continues, leaving male desire far higher. This is a corollary to another concept I’ve explained for years: The more often you see a woman, the faster she will become sexually bored with you.While interviewing one woman, “Thinking about your desire now,” Miller said, “would you say it is absent, very low, low, reasonable or present? That’s why if she divorced her husband (which most women end up doing) and had sex with a new man, all of a sudden she would be completely sexually healthy, both mentally and physically. Evolutionary psychologists argue that this comes down to innate biology, that men are just made with stronger sex drives — so men will settle for the woman who’s always near. Why do you think I talk about the once-a-week rule for FBs and MLTRs?But notice that there was “something else she couldn’t name”. If/when I move in with a woman down the road, which I probably will do, I can alleviate this problem by not being monogamous with her. (And yes, I know there are always unusual exceptions to every rule.) Look god dammit. But if you try to drive that Ferrari through a swamp, it isn’t going to do shit.

They just assume it’s because the husbands are being jerks, or they’re “stressed”, or “raising kids” or whatever. Then you’ll get pissed off and after much chaos, get divorced, then you’ll post on my blog or forum about how right I was and how you should have listened to me. “He’ll move closer to me in bed, or put his arm around me, or rub my back.”She willed herself not to refuse him. Because I love happiness, I like my women to be horny for me. Moving in with a woman would eventually, not immediately but eventually, start to degrade that. These Societally Programmed scientists don’t want to admit what’s really going on… But as a scientist you already knew that, didn’t you?

Instead it can come from the reaction of the living humans involved, and how they respond to the state of fear and violent chaos brought about by the zombies. The breakdown of society, the fear that your Fire-Forged Friends could be infected and turned against you without warning, are at least as important to a zombie story as the zombies themselves, if not more so.

Common to virtually all Zombie Apocalypse tales is that, regardless of the reason zombies attack living/non-infected people, they never attack other zombies.

Whether they'll attack animals other than humans varies, but it's rare for The Virus to affect other species, probably because it's cheaper and easier to film humans in make-up than to work with animals, whether trained, animatronic, or CGI.

Due to the threat that zombies pose (they did just become the apocalypse, after all), protagonists of more serious works are required to become very smart very quickly (but will be ignorant with regard to the word "zombie" itself).

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