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The facility is targeted at helping youth and women. The centre is a rural development and training centre, which has offered agricultural and enterprise training to youth between the ages of 16 and 30 since 1993.

The training which the centre provides is focused on life skills and entrepreneurial skills with a specific emphasis in the use of natural resources in agriculture and other forms of rural enterprises. The DOGA works closely with other Government ministries including the Youth Development, Ministries of Health, Labour, Agriculture, the AIDS Secretariat, the Welfare Division, the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda: to promote gender awareness and lobbies for reform in areas that may discriminate against women. The DOGA has embarked on public campaigns to raise awareness about violence against women with a view to changing the attitude of society.

The project is not means tested and is heavily subsidized by the Government. The Government has implemented the School Uniform Grant Programme which is available to all citizens, and is not means-tested and all citizens who have children at school whether it is a private or State school can benefit from the programme. The Gilbert Agricultural and Rural Development Centre (GARD) is a leading training facility providing positive entrepreneurial and employment alternatives.

Often this is due to cultural norms, practices and finances rather than the legal reasons.

The reality is that the law provides education is compulsory from age 3-16 years, but the reality is that teen mothers are disenfranchised from continuing their education. The subregional team indicated that Antigua and Barbuda had participated in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Family Law and Domestic Violence Legal and Judicial Reform Project and that the Government had reported to the Committee on the Rights of the Child that it intended to introduce legislation designed as part of that project.

Also included is the final report and the list of accepted and rejected recommendations.

Scroll to: National Report Compilation of UN Information Stakeholder Information Accepted and Rejected Recommendations I. Residents and citizens of Antigua and Barbuda can access the Magistrates Court for redress in a variety of matters to include matters, financial limit, domestic violence, maintenance and access to children, liquor licensing etc.

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