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Love is great while it lasts, but when it’s gone, it’s so painful.Some might say it’s all in your head, but when things end between you and a person you deeply care about, it can really feel like he ripped a chunk out of your heart and took it with him.I feel like I can’t trust anyone enough to fall in love again.

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You’re going to have to try it out,and if it’s done. if it’s sour it will end up sour, and or it might end up good. way you can be with someone for yrs, and fall apart.I have to ask myself if it’s really a good idea to put myself through everything involved in being in love when it’s very probable that it won’t work out in the end anyway. As awesome as it is to be in love, is it worth the pain that comes when it starts to break down?I want to find someone awesome to be with, and yet, I struggle with figuring out if all the butterflies in my stomach are enough to justify the excruciating pain that comes when everything falls apart.This is why the reasons I want to run away from relationships have nothing to do with love and everything to do with the risk of heartache that comes with it. I have such a hard time restraining my emotions, so I know it’s going to hurt that much more when things inevitably come crashing down later on. It’s when that love starts to break that it all goes downhill. I’ve dated a few guys that I’ve been able to let go of without too much damage to my heart, but I’ve also seen exactly what can happen when the love you give blows up in your face.Now, rather than being hopeful about the future, I’m terrified by the prospect of repeating the past.

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