Dating ex husband advice games on speed dating

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A year later he had an affair with the woman who lives across the street from us, and we divorced by mutual agreement. (She can experience as many as 15 tonic-clonic seizures—formerly known as grand-mal—a day.) So when she's sick, my ex stays home from work and cares for her, or I do; and we agree about most other things.

Our 12-year-old daughter has severe epilepsy, takes four serious drugs every day, and her seizures are not yet controlled.

Jean: I'm almost 34, but I look like I'm in my twenties, and my only addiction is Pepsi. (Since I hadn't earned the money, I didn't want to take any of it; he insisted on giving it all to me.) We share household cleaning responsibilities equally. And if the fling turns so lusty that it threatens your platonic relationship? Here's hoping it turns into an exclusive lifelong love affair!

When we divorced in 2010, the only thing we had any disagreements about was his 401(k). If you can each tweak the personal behavior that caused problems the first time around, I think you may safely sneak away together for the weekend.

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I still cannot believe that he let me help him carry his exgf's pile of stuff.I think you have every right to mind her facebook presence, but are trying hard not to, which I do not mean in an accusatory way, but exes need to stop living in the past Does he owe you a fancy meal or two to make you feel special too? Maybe on your anniversary, go somewhere lovely, each year, plan this Last year he knew it was our anniversary, he asked me to take off that day so we can celebrate. I even pay for it because he says he pays the mortgage.It makes me think that I am the one doing things to make my self think that he is making me feel special. Your husband doesn't sound like the brightest bulb in the box... By him bragging to you about the Eiffel tower dinner, and going to other countries with his ex, he has set up a bunch of expectations in you and he doesn't seem able to follow through. Just tell him that you are going to put them in a trash bag and call the local charity to cart them off... You can tell a lot, especially concerning the future of your relationship, by how he reacts.Even when we started dating, he was telling me stories about this ex gf, and how he went to Portugal and Paris to celebrate her birthday.He even sounded proud that he booked a reservation for dinner in the Eiffel Tower as birthday dinner for her.

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