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“We're adding this feature so they can send their conversation to one of their family members or one of their friends that they choose.It's up to them, it's not mandated or anything, and it just gives the app a more conservative side for those who choose.” Harmonica isn’t the first app to provide mobile dating to a more conservative crowd.“We would use and we would use Uber,” says Saleh, referring to other popular mobile apps, “but some startups cannot penetrate the market without understanding the social aspect.” In his opinion, dating apps have struggled to shake their image in the Middle East as “hook-up apps.” In a country where Saleh says “20 or 30 percent of guys in university have never even spoken to a girl in that way before,” he believes a serious rethink is in order to make mobile dating work here.The idea behind Harmonica is to approach dating in line with local cultural norms.For example, explains Saleh, “During the initial match, users don’t see much,” referring to the first phase of Harmonica’s match-making.

A 2016 study found that while Badoo and Tinder dominate the Spanish and English-speaking worlds respectively, countries in the Middle East tended to use localised apps, if at all.Although other dating sites have been targeted at the Middle East – Matchmallow, Love Habibi, and the many Muslim dating sites – it is hard to think of a Tinder equivalent.Saleh thinks that, with 141 million smartphone users, of whom 72 percent are under 34, the region’s potential has been overlooked.An economic downturn since the Arab Spring in 2011 has left people fighting to maintain living standards, let alone start a new family.After seeing what this was doing to his loved ones, Saleh decided in 2015 that he would find a way to help.

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