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• Similarly, a guy may show he likes you by asking lots of practical questions. Better for him to know these things before investing too much time flirting, right?This explains why a female friend-of-TP was recently asked by an apparently interested Dutchman in a bar, “So, why did your last boyfriend break up with you?When they are ready to embrace fatherhood, usually in their early 30s, Dutch boyfriends make great fathers.Go to any park in the Netherlands on a sunny Wednesday afternoon and you are sure to find a good sprinkling of dads and their offspring, enjoying what has become known as a .10. They will expect to celebrate your birthday and they will expect you to celebrate their mother’s.11. Before anyone gets indignant about our focus on Dutch men, the Dutch male team members tell us almost all of the above could be applied to Dutch women…

One member of the Dutch crew was the envy of all her flatmates in London while in a long-distance relationship with a Dutchman.

We sat down with pancakes and had a lively discussion on gay life in Amsterdam, dating and sex. they’re really polite, they travel, they do sports.

You’re always going to find something to talk about with them.

So, whether you’re looking to knock nethers in Amsterdam or ensnare a Dutchman passing through your neck of the woods, here’s Tipsy’s compilation of advice from women (expats living in the Netherlands) who have (eventually) succeeded in bagging one of these elusive prizes: • Project strength.

Dutch guys expect girls to be forward, have a lot of personality, and make their own decisions.

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