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If a divorce is subsequently filed by either party, the agreement may be attached to the divorce petition and presented to the family court for approval and final divorce decree.

If left unaddressed, values of your assets and debts are likely to fluctuate greatly over time and this will inevitably result in a dispute between you and your spouse later on over when the separation occurred--all this because you didn't address it earlier at a time when you could both agree that the marriage was over.

While a contract for a separation through a private civil agreement is common, in actuality, the concept of a legal separation does not exist in PA.

Unlike several other states, Pennsylvania does not require separating parties to go to court and request a judge to issue what is called a "separate maintenance decree" that officially declares their marriage over.

Be mindful that using the mediation process will allow you and your spouse to choose your own date of separation that is most financially advantageous for both of you.

The courts will accept what both of you agree upon.

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