Dating devotional bible study

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Here’s a rule of thumb: if its spiritual bonding you wouldn’t do with a friend, don’t do it with a boyfriend or girlfriend.I love my friends, but I’m sure I won’t find myself cuddling with them at night and reading a couple’s devotional on the Song of Solomon (whoa… On the flip side, I doubt you would be upset visualizing your sweetheart having read the book of James with a classmate (guy or girl) in a public library or café for the purpose of studying God’s Word and not emotionally connecting.

I promise that you'll benefit from this 31-day fast from television.DISCUSS Talk about the changes you need to make personally or as a family in media use.Consider pulling your children into this one, listing ideas. PRAY Ask God to begin making you more sensitive as a couple to how media impacts your marriage and family. Consider cutting back on or even fasting from media use.Have you ever tried going a whole day or week without watching television? You miss out on many enjoyable activities when you are lazy about unhooking your media umbilical cord.

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