Dating dealbreakers video games

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A series of studies on "relationship deal breakers," published last year in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, represents "the first systematic and comprehensive attempt to understand the traits that people avoid in their partners," the team of social scientists behind the studies writes.

In one of those studies, the researchers asked a nationally representative sample of 5,541 single Americans to reveal which in a list of 17 things would be a "deal breaker" when considering a "committed relationship" with someone.

Pluses include pets, reader, history, science-fiction/fantasy, board/card games, volleyball, horseback riding, national parks, museums."it is MUSSORGSKY...

you have it wrong on your profile :/"Why THANK you! I have known a rare 2 or 3 people in my 62 years on the planet that DO only have 2 or 3 day.

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I think if someone was a match, they'd feel confident to contact him.A mother for his children, would find I don't want any..... These may be deal-breakers for some next to look for someone more compatible. 😀Currently, I'm in a 'not looking' stage but I don't really think there's much I would consider a automatic 'red flag'.If there was a constellation of characteristics in their profile (yep, I read them) that indicated a bad match with me, I'd probably politely say 'no, thanks, good luck in your fishing'.When I see it in a younger woman’s profile, and especially if she has expressed some kind of interest (wink, flirt, meet me, message) in a much older man, like me, then I assume she is looking for a “sugar daddy”. I am 64, a year older than you, and have dated women 9 years older, and 15 or more years younger. You say that you don’t want to get married, so why are you here if not to go out on dates and have fun? If someone if 57 years old and up and hasn't had a single relationship that lasted at least 10 years OK, I'll admit that it's likely that a person has had a LOT of relationships go sour including myself, but to be dating for some 45 or so years and NEVER had a long term relationship? I actually tend to enjoy women who are rather different than me, who have had different life experiences.I don't generally critique other people's profile, they either sound interesting or they don't.

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