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Whenever possible, grooming tasks should be done at home.

Forget grossing people out with the clip-clip-clip of nail-trimming—even filing that jagged nail during a meeting can ick people out (not to mention make you seem uninterested in the discussion).

"You're spreading germs by touching things you don't even realize you're touching," notes Alkon, who suggests staying home and using Skype to call in and take care of necessary business.

Providing the musical soundtrack for the office is not part of your job description.

"Headphones aren't great because they make you sonically impenetrable to your colleagues, but if you're able to hear others while using earbuds, sure, do this," says Alford.

"But run this idea by your supervisor and colleagues first." What's the only thing worse than being forced to listen to music you didn't choose?

"Leave it as functional as you found it, and if you break it and can't fix it, own up and call the printer guy," says etiquette expert Amy Alkon, author of .

Before you even hit that print button, consider whether you really need a hard copy of, say, every email you send when there are electronic backup methods available.

"Clothes that are too tight can distract, and clothes with rips in them—no matter how trendy—will look unprofessional unless you work at a hair salon or some other place where they play Adele over the P. You're not a hero for refusing to ever take a sick day.Try a conference call instead if multiple coworkers are involved.It's noble that you brush your teeth after lunch, but it's gross that you leave a trail of toothpaste spit in the ladies' room sink.They call it a "personal" call for a reason—not all your coworkers want to become intimately acquainted with the details of your irritable bowel syndrome or listen to you yap about how your sister-in-law copied your daughter's birthday party theme.Maintain a little mystery (and professionalism) by keeping your soap operas out of the office; reserve personal calls for urgent situations, keep 'em snappy and use your indoor voice.

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