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Unfortunately the general lack of proper understanding and information has created a negative impression in the minds of Indian people, including those who consider themselves Hindus, because they can’t be bothered with actually reading their own original texts and discovering their inherent value.Many Hindus consider the Kamasutra an “obscene book”, and some even go as far as denying its respectability as a Vedic scripture.Enforced by the abrahamic invaders, the wholesale condemnation of the intrinsic beauty and joy of the natural form and activities of the body, effectively destroyed the Vedic expressions of beauty and joy, or covered them with the thick plaster of shame.

The technical term defining these prejudiced and ignorant paradigms is laukika sraddha or “popular belief”, devoid of factual value because it is opposed to shastra pramana, or authoritative scriptural foundation.say that the common root of all our problems today is the lack of knowledge, understanding and respect of the basic nature of our body and mind, and the faulty approach in the relationships with other people – human and not human – and with Nature herself.All this can be easily solved by applying the Vedic perspective, as it reconciles and harmonizes the material and spiritual aspects of life, healing the inner conflict inevitably created by the diseased abrahamic ideologies that condemn matter in order to venerate spirit.Such self-defeating approach could have been justified in the times when embracing the chauvinistic views of the invaders was the only alternative to getting the entire temple, or the entire Hindu society, razed to the ground and burned into oblivion, or beheaded/ enslaved en masse.Today Indians pride themselves of their national independence and their golden Vedic heritage, therefore there should be no external hindrance in actually re-discovering and re-establishing the Vedic view in all its former glory.

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