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Whether you are confident or not..highly calm, collective and intelligent expert in dating can make you realise the answers to your relationship troubles.Consider him the best friend, confidante or muse in your life. Regards, Johnny Related Content https:// https:// https:// He knows his psychology stuff, he's systematic, well articulated, explains concepts from different angles, and will accompany you on your journey - with his coaching, I got my perfect 10 model / dream girl. And it's a skill that stays with you for the rest of your life..- Armi R Johnny really is the real deal, his coaching literally changed my way of thinking and in essence my whole life, am now meeting more beautiful and fun women than i ever thought possible, An absolute [email protected] Zone Pod @Hey Fran Hey Someone sent me this gif once for anxiety and I have it saved to my phone.Believe it or not, it's come in helpful when I'm in public and start to have an episode.Lord man @Friend Zone Pod @Hey Fran Hey @heyassante @Look At Dustin #The Friend Zone…

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Don’t offer up cuddles willy-nilly (although fleeting physical contact before any approach is key) and don’t call her and text her all the time for idle chats.

Always know where her line is and only overstep it when she invites you to.

Forcing yourself on her with no buildup creates huge barriers as well as having ethical implications. D7a HAxb Me: *stressed af* The Universe: A new episode of @Friend Zone Pod is out, trust me you need it Me: I need to catch up..

Universe: No you don't, press play @Hey Fran Hey : *does a wellness segment on coping with stress and anxiety to get back to center* Me: You was right Universe JW5mb I like that @Hey Fran Hey asked talked about how to deal with anxiety in public because I used to always get panic attacks on the train! Perfectionism has definitely prevented me from moving forward with so many ideas. @Hey Fran Hey @Look At Dustin @Friend Zone Pod you don’t know emotional until you sit and listen to Queen Mariah sing “ Can’t let Go”.

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