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Occasionally, when I’m speaking to a class of 100 18-year-olds, I make the mistake of referring to them as millennials.Then it occurs to me: these people might not even be millennials at all. (It used to be that students’ first memories were of the OJ trial or the bombing at the Atlanta Olympics. They weren’t old enough to vote when Barack Obama was first elected.Gen Xers were thought to be cynical and lackadaisical (see and Janeane Garofalo’s job at the Gap, or pretty much anything Winona Ryder has been in); they were all underachievers until they invented stuff like Netscape and Google. Indeed, I was on the leading edge of the millennials the same way my mom (born in 1960) was on the tail end of what could meaningfully be called the boomers.

Maybe the bulk of the herd of millennials had a different experience than mine.

The threat of humiliation and rejection was intoxicating.

What truly disturbed me was my ability to use my honesty to get so many women into bed under the guise that I was interested in them long term. "You're all the bloody same." I was confronted, shouted at, slapped, punched, threatened with a shotgun, a handgun and an oversized knife.

But here I am, a mid-30s person with a college degree and a mortgage, technically in a category that the media continue to treat as if we’re still in Garanimals.

It’s hard to say when “millennial” will stop meaning “kids,” though it has already taken on the connotation of “failure to launch” cases of twenty-somethings munching on Totino’s pizzas in their parents’ basement—despite the fact that millennials are actually busting their asses for low wages to pay back the debt for the college degrees that didn’t gain them a decent standard of living. It will take a while before conventional wisdom catches up with the lived experience of actual people, if it ever does.

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