Dating comtoise clocks dating in leuven

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To date the Seymour translation is the only major work on the subject ever published in English.

Bergmann’s new book pays homage to Schmitt by adopting his classification scheme and terminology.

The time was ripe for a major new overview book on the subject of Comtoise Clocks, and the German collector and expert Siegfried Bergmann has now filled the void.

Although not cheap, the new book, written in German is worth its price, even for an non-German speaker. The production quality is very high, well bound, heavy paper, highest quality printing, and some nice details seldom found nowadays, like multiple bookmark ribbons bound in.

The only other major French book dedicated to this subject is Alain Claudine’s “La Grande Horloge” (in French, Editions de l’Amateur, Paris, 1992, ISBN 285917 136 3) which deals with these timepieces primarily as pieces of furniture.

The other leading Comtoise scholar was Gustav Schmitt in Germany.

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