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Devoting 20 minutes to my skin every morning and night can be a pain, especially if I’m tired and want to go to bed, but overall I really like the ritual — and I see the results in real time. Is there anything you tell new moms to encourage them?

To trust their bodies and themselves, and they are strong and capable of anything.

From the bullaun stones of the Celts to the 8th century grave slabs in the Saint's Graveyard, 10th century high crosses in St Caimin’s church, pilgrims paths and kissing stone and a lot more besides, too many to describe here that you will have to go see for yourself.

But even if you know nothing at all about Irish history or you are not even remotely religious, stepping ashore on Inis Cealtra (a short boat ride from Mountshannon) is a very special experience, as apart from the 1000’s of years of history, Holy Island’s natural beauty is palpable.....

In the morning, I will put on some elta MD broad spectrum SPF 46 after everything and if it’s night, I also use a retinoid cream from Curology. I try to stay away from anything with fragrance because it irritates my skin, and the expensive stuff usually has added scent. But sometimes I just listen to music because by the end of the day I have taken in enough content. I assist in the delivery room, work with neonatologists and pediatricians to resuscitate babies, help women recover after C-sections and circulate in the operating room. I am also in graduate school studying to become a midwife.

Standing on Holy Island (Inis Cealtra as Gaelige) on Lough Derg, County Clare, I said to Gerard Madden, boatman and guide to the island for 30 years, “right so, Ger tell me all there is to know about Holy Island”. Well, with an answer like that it has got to be a bit of both hasn’t it!

I had done my research, so I knew we were talking about 1400 years of history (at least) so it was going to be a long story either way. You see Inis Cealtra is unique, even in Ireland, in that there are monuments and artifacts here, dating back some 7000 years (long before any written evidence) that have survived intact and in-situ (almost) to the present day, exactly because of its island location.

Unfortunately these lured the Viking raiders who came up the Shannon river in their longboats and attacked Holy Island.

There is a grave stone dedicated to 10 men, who were believed to have died defending the island from just such an attack.

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