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The song came to be referred to as the national anthem from the beginning of the nineteenth century.

On official (and most other) occassions, the first verse only is sung, on a small number of occassions, the third verse is heard as well; very rarely is the second verse heard due to its militaristic nature. Marines were deployed in a neutral “peacekeeping” operation. Navy also intervened against Iran during its war against Iraq in 1987-88, sinking Iranian ships and “accidentally” shooting down an Iranian civilian jetliner. forces invaded Panama in 1989 to oust the nationalist regime of Manuel Noriega. Echoes of Vietnam reverberated in Central America during the 1980s, when the Reagan administration strongly backed the pro-U. regime in El Salvador, and right-wing exile forces fighting the new leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua. returned in force to the Middle East in 1980, after the Shi’ite Muslim revolution in Iran against Shah Pahlevi’s pro-U. In Cambodia, the bombings drove the Khmer Rouge rebels toward fanatical leaders, who launched a murderous rampage when they took power in 1975.

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