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In the For the Strength of Youth, there’s a section on dating.In it, it says, “You should not date until you are at least 16 years old.

We should maintain our highest hopes and standards.

I guess that I am content, but not content.” Robinson would say to that girl that she can ask a young man to dinner. But if you want to get to know people, then just ask someone to dinner every once in a while.

So chicas, if you want to date more, go ahead an ask a guy on a date. Obviously there’s a lot of pressure to date in Mormon culture, but if you’re not ready to date, just get to know people and have fun. Another serious dimension of perfectionism is to hold others to our unrealistic, judgmental, or unforgiving standards.

Thus, a sister may be unwilling to consider dating a wonderful, worthy brother who falls short on her perfectionist scale—he does not dance well, is not planning to be wealthy, did not serve a mission, or admits to a past problem with pornography since resolved through repentance and counseling.

Similarly, a brother may not consider dating a wonderful, worthy sister who doesn’t fit his unrealistic profile—she is not a sports enthusiast, a Relief Society president, a beauty queen, a sophisticated budgeter, or she admits to an earlier, now-resolved weakness with the Word of Wisdom.

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