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"There was definitely a perspective that there is a very high incidence of divorce among lawyers and that that comes from the stress of the 24-7 commitment of the job," said Rikleen.

Being a lawyer herself who has been married to her husband, also a lawyer, for 35 years, Rikleen found this consensus to be a bit shocking.

"There is definitely a restriction on your schedule in law.

My girlfriend will say that attorneys have the worst schedules in the world," he said.

The longevity in any lawyers' relationships, in combination with their work demands and hours, seems to heavily rely on their partners' occupational demands.

Sherman can speak about this circumstance in his current relationship with his girlfriend who works in retail sales.

Sherman has observed that many people have a lot of misconceptions about lawyers' lives, viewing them as rich and time-abundant people, but this is certainly not the case.

All of our efforts are directed towards providing our clients with the best legal advocacy and advice.

Lawyers have a tendency to let their work come home with them, mentally—running their minds even when they want to relax with loved ones.

"As a lawyer, you're constantly thinking about angles to argue in cases and cases that just won't go away; it's extremely hard to just shut it off and go into to romantic or relax-mode," he said.

Every case is different and must be litigated according to its merit.

I have successfully tried (or settled) divorce cases to achieve a result where both parents have substantial and meaningful contact with their children when it was in the best interests of the kids that they do so.

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