Dating an amputee guide editing and updating the new updater exe

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Advancements like 3D printing and biometrics have enhanced the lives of amputees and will continue to do so.

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Today and Beyond Today is an exciting moment in the history of prosthetics.Examples from the middle-ages show how slow the field of prosthetics advanced.Iron hands fashioned for knights are no more advanced than the prosthetic used by General Sergius a thousand years earlier.At UNYQ, 3D printing technology is being used to create beautiful protective prosthetic covers that help restore symmetry to amputees’ silhouettes, and inspire confidence.By creating personalized and attractive covers, UNYQ is able to help shift the perception of a prosthesis as a reflection of tragedy to an expression of personality. There is a wave of initiatives to harness 3D printing and new materials to create prosthetics for fingers, arms and legs.

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