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Also see our article about disc brakes for information on disc-brake issues.

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In practice, the axle can be quite a bit shorter than this..1-2 mm protrusion past the lock nuts will suffice to locate the axle properly, so, when converting a hub to the next wider spacing, it is usually unnecessary to replace the axle.

Hubs with conventional threaded axles can be adjusted for wider spacing by adding spacer washers, preferably between the cones and the locknuts.

As long as you have 2 or 3 mm sticking out on each side, that's plenty.

One of my own bikes is set up with the axle cut off flush with the locknuts, and even this is no problem in use, though it is slightly trickier to align the wheel when installing it. If your frame or fork is made of steel, you can change the spacing to accommodate different hub spacing.

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