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(JTA) — Summer camp was not among the highlights of my youth.Maybe it was my allergies or camp’s rampant cliquiness, but the experience just never seemed to live up to the hype.Hooking up takes on a whole different meaning for one-handed pirates.Pirates aside, it was really the Jewish content — or lack thereof — that separated J-Weekend from other Jewish singles weekends.Despite the misgivings, I packed my bags for a weekend of adventure and possible romance, and hopefully not too much schmaltz.“We strive to build and strengthen the Jewish community, and offline events like the J-Weekends are a great way to complement the online dating experience,” said Arielle Schechtman, director of public and community relations for Spark Networks, JDate’s parent company.

So when JDate billed its J-Weekend at Connecticut’s Club Getaway as “summer camp for adults,” I was doubly unenthusiastic.“Club Getaway is a nice place to go for a weekend to forget the hectic New York life for a few days.” With a full activity schedule, there isn’t much time for relaxing at Club Getaway, though escaping to the lakefront is always an option.So are typical camp activities such as archery, kayaking and water skiing, mixed with some spicier grown-up activities like wine tastings, Thai massage and pole dancing — the latter activity restricted to the ladies.Fencing is full of rules and ceremony, but swashbuckling is down-and-dirty fighting, explained our instructor Alberto, who trains celebrities to use the blade for fight scenes.Having dressed as Zorro two years in a row for Halloween, I lunged (get it? With five moves, Alberto taught us the basics of attacking and defending in a Hollywood sword fight.

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